In order to give children a chance for a better future, good education is a must. And that is only possible if the basic facilities at a school are good. And that is exactly where we start: providing schools with basic infratructure. Because most schools have leaking roofs, close to collapsing walls and no bathrooms. On top of that, the school yard is far from being safe. 

In cooperation with local contractors, the school buildings are renovated. Sometimes a school building is completely demolished and rebuilt. The by En Classe supported schools are all located in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo with over 10 million inhabitants. To increase the safety of the children in this enormous city and to keep the school in good condition, it is necessary to build a wall around the school grounds. Running water, toilets for boys and girls, hand washing stations and the installation of electricity are the final steps in building the basics.