The best way to support En Classe is by donating money.  You can make an international money transfer to our Dutch bank: SWIFT Code is ABNANL2A and the account number NL03ABNA0452066387 or

donate safely online through Paypal (USDollars) (5% service charge applies). 

Here's how your contributions are spent and why that is different from most other charities.

Everybody who works for En Classe and who does not have the Congolese nationality, does so entirely on a voluntary basis. Really. 100%! There are no reimbursements for travel, telephone expenses, etc… Except for some small non-discretionary expenses (Internet site hosting, banking fees and the rent of a small office in Kinshasa), we have no “overhead costs”. Therefore, virtually all donations are used to support our objectives!

In fact, your donation has a triple effect:

1) Year after year, En Classe creates dozens of jobs for Congolese; from contractors, masons, wood - and metal workers to teacher coaches or school counselors. Virtually 100% of our budget goes directly towards paying a decent salary to local staff and purchasing local materials. A perfect example of investing in the local economy!

2) As a result, school buildings are being renovated and teachers are becoming better and more motivated, thanks to the use of modern teaching methods and materials.

3) The improved circumstances lead to a better education and therefore a chance for a brighter future. A monthly or annual donation.

Your ongoing commitment will ensure En Classe of a sustained stream of income, so that we can continue to support all our projects. If you have questions about how you can help En Classe, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you very much for your contribution!