DR Congo is a paradox, in that it is rich in natural resources yet is one of the five poorest countries in the world. Its population has to put up with violence, disease, hunger and the mass displacement of people caused by 15 years of civil wars and cross-border conflicts. Partly though impunity and political impotence, conflicts over natural resources have continually flared up there, and East Congo remains a hotbed of unrest. However, in February 2013, 11 African countries endorsed an agreement to promote peace and security in DR Congo. Unfortunately so far, nothing has really changed.
A prolonged lack of government investment means that basic services such as education and healthcare are sorely lacking. Most people live in hunger and have only 1 Euro to spend a day.  Women are the driving force of the local economy. They have practically no say in how their country is run, but they are doing their utmost to improve their position. Domestic and sexual violence against women is rife and it affects families, friends and fellow villagers.
In short, a hopeless situation. En Classe helps by improving education in DR Congo. We are convinced that the cycle of poverty can be broken through education.