En Classe’s digital reading program tackles two co-dependent issues: widespread low reading proficiency and lack of reading materials in schools. Low literacy rates are no surprise when books are difficult to come by and are costly to maintain and renew. To boost reading proficiency levels amongst students, in 2014 En Classe partnered with NABU.ORG (previously Library for All), a New York-based foundation that develops educational applications for the developing country context. NABU.ORG developed a reading app and En Classe purchased a set of tablets for children in En Classe schools.

Implementation of the digital reading program across pilot schools in the En Classe network has been successful. Five schools are now equipped with such tablets that are shared across classes throughout the day and stored in a steel safe outside of school hours. We will expand both the number of schools with tablets and the number of tablets at each school with our new partner the "Orange Foundation".

The reading program offers two additional services: 1) a home library that allows students to take a book home and return it the following week, and 2) extra reading lessons for kids who need help. En Classe offers in-school and after-school/holiday reading sessions where students can come to school to practice their reading skills.