Since 2007, in eight different locations in Kinshasa, En Classe is supporting 18 schools. Each of the 18 schools in En Classe’s network operates entirely independently, with its own separate board, set of teachers and group of students. However, most share their buildings and facilities with other schools. Children commonly attend school for only four hours a day. The schools are located in Kabinda, Kamina, Matonge, Selembao I & II, Kapini, Lukunga, and Kimbwala.

In April 2019, En Classe has embarked on a multi-year project to develop one of its 18 schools – Kimbwala – into a model school, that will showcase the wisdom gained from the past 12 years on the ground. The goal is to demonstrate the value of combining all four programs at the same school, in addition to resolving the key challenges. Once Kimbwala reaches its benchmarks, En Classe will move on to focus on the other schools in the network, one by one, until all 18 are operating at the model school level. Click here to see the criteria to become an En Classe Model School.